Proud To Produce World Cass Steel

Grade 500 Rebar

Yazd Rolling Mill in proud to introduce its range of grade 500 rebar for the first time in Iran
Advantages of the high strength grade 500 rebar include:
  1. 25% reduction in rebar consumption compare to the existing AIII grades due to higher tensile and yield strengths
  2. Reduction transportation costs
  3. Better weld ability due to lower carbon content of the steel
  4. Better forming properties
  5. Better structural integrity due to higher ductility
Comparative advantages of Yazd Rolling Mill Rebar’s
  • Use of Thermex technology for controlling the physical strength of the steel
  • Better weld ability and bending properties due to lower carbon content of the steel compared to chemical analysis control route
  • Weight control of the product between the low and middle range of standard in order to maximize the weight to length ration (Theoretical weight)
  • Full QC certificate presented with every consignment as quality assurance guarantee